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error while computing dynamic date range


I am getting error while computing for dynamic date range.

I am using below code format,

If(GetSelectedCount(Date) <>1,

default date value computation,

dynamic date range


for computing values i am using pick(wildmatch(variablename) , code)

It is working fine for default date range but as soon as i select any date in date filter pane ,

I get value computed only for the selected date but not for other dates.

I have attached the snippets of both.

Code :

If(GetSelectedCount(Date) <>1,

Pick(Wildmatch(Month_year ,$(vMaxmonth)),

sum({< Date = {"$(='$(vMaxdate)')"} , Location = {"Onsite"}>}abc)/sum({< Date = {"$(='$(vMaxdate)')"},Location = {"Onsite"} >} xyz),

sum({< Date = {"$(=$(vPrevMon))"} , Location = {"Onsite"}>}abc)/sum({< Date = {"$(=$(vPrevMon))"},Location = {"Onsite"} >}xyz)


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