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Multi Language Dashboard implementation


Multi Language Dashboard implementation

Hi All,

Sometimes there is a need that the Dashboard should be supported in Multiple languages if the dashboard is accessing across the Globe.  To handle this I have created a small Sample and attached here which helps in implementing this.  For this we need to manage an excel with the values for each language like below table.

1US PresidentsUS Presidendid

Now in Captions just give =Only({<No={1}>} Statement) - If you select English then this US Presidents is returned and if you select Estonian then you will get US Presidendid.

Likewise handle it wherever you are using captions in entire dashboard like Tab Captions, Dimension Captions, Expression Captions, Text in Text objects, etc.

In the attached file I handled the Tab Captions, the captions change automatically to the selected Language.

Hope this helps you.




Good Work Done... !! TFS

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Nice document Jagan. Thank you for sharing.

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Nice Topic,

very helpful and informative

thanks for sharing

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Right now I'm on a mobile phone and I can't look at the document but I would like to give some suggestions to make it more friendly and even work with NPrinting.

Instead of numbers use the English strings as ID or a identifier like US_PRESIDENTS. This will help you recognize the label even when you don't have a visual clue of it.

To make the dashboard NPrinting ready use this formula instead =Only({1<No={1}>} $(language)). language is a variable that contains the language and you can change the set analysis with the identifier field instead of no. In the set analysis use the 1 instead of the implicit $ to avoid that wild filters damages the document.

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