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Qlik Sense - Introduction to Extensions (video)


Qlik Sense - Introduction to Extensions (video)

Sense Extensions, enable you to enhance the overall user experience of a Sense app as well as embedded Sense mash-ups. They create new ways to visualize data and enhance user input and interaction. They can integrate with other systems and visual libraries such as D3, add new selection objects and productivity components , and do it all using open standards such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

In this video I will provide a short introduction to Qlik Sense Extensions and show how you can get started using them with Sense Desktop. I am also very excited to make mention of Qlik’s latest collaborative workspace and open exchange, Qlik Branch.

Note: If you want to learn how to create Sense extension objects, I suggest you visit this link provided by one of our partners, Axis Group: Tutorial: How to Build a Qlik Sense Extension with D3 « BI Commons

(Thanks sod for finding this tutorial.)

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Hello Michael,

This video is very helpful. I tried developing some QlikView Extensions. The biggest challenge I faced is choosing the tool(Netbeans IDE, Eclipse) for the javascript debugging and testing.

Is there any helpful documentation on which tool to use and additional information on QlikView Extension development. After working with QlikView Mashup and Workbench editor I feel Qlik Sense dashboards are web developer friendly.

Thanks in Advance.



Hi Sharnkar,

I've found this excellent tutorial recently that shows a step-by-step guide on how to create a d3 extension object for Qlik Sense.  Check it out! 

Tutorial: How to Build a Qlik Sense Extension with D3 « BI Commons

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Thanks Sean.

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Some of the extension are not working in Qlik Sense Beta Version PLZ update New charts like -

Simple Table with Theming.

Hover Drill Bar Chart with D3.

Qlik Sense 3D Scatter Chart

these charts are not working when we have a selections .


Hi A Harish,

The extensions you're referring to are hosted on Branch as open source, and not supported / developed by Qlik. I suggest that you contact the author(s) of those extensions and/or use Github (for example stred/Qlik-Sense-3d-Scatter · GitHub) to report issues.

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Very Nice video , Thanks for for such detailed explanation . While i am new to Qlik Sense , i was able to put some extensions and use it. Unfortunately , when i am trying to put WordCloud extension , its not displaying under Qlik Sense Chart section.

Appreciate your help .




Hi Sushant - if you copied the appropriate directory over as per the video and press F5 when in the hub, that may fix the problem. There is a cache that is used with Qlik Sense Desktop which may have not expired. Let us know. If this does not work, please post a discussion the New to Qlik Sense Forums section.



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how we can extensions when we use Qlik sense server?

Thank you,


Hi Ahmad - you would use the QMC interface to upload the extension. (see screenshots)

(P.S. Please post these types of question in the appropriate sections of the forums such as:

Qlik Sense Forums)

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