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Contributor III

Connection is busy with results for another command Error

None of the solutions I've found for this have worked for me.

Sporadically we are receiving this error (more often than not).  I was under the impression that Qlik load scripts are synchronous, but this is making me believe otherwise.

Here are some details:

1. We have tried running it as different users. The issue is not consistent - sometimes the error appears, sometimes the script loads successfully regardless of the user.

2. We tried doing a "Disconnect;" and then reconnecting to the database before the nefarious query, which allows the query to finish more frequently, but I imagine we risk losing data on the query we disconnected.

3. We tried different versions of the SQL driver and we still achieve the inconsistent results.

4. We've tried it from multiple machines, no change.

Any input is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Hi @megabyte23 

It seems the problem is in the SQL Server side, I was reading that it is necessary to enable MARS in the SQL Server, I found the following information:

Enabling Multiple Active Result Sets

Hope it helps.

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