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Corrupt Meta File

Recently, I had a .Meta file become corrupt and brought my QlikView Server to its knees.

The following lines were logged dozens of time per second, adding up to 2.2 million rows in a 30 minute period...

ErrorShared - Key.ID: Error reading shared objects of type , Id: , StopLoadingWhenSharedFileIsCorrupt: 0, Document: DocumentName.qvw.Meta
ErrorShared - Key.Type: Error reading shared objects of type , StopLoadingWhenSharedFileIsCorrupt: 0, Document: DocumentName.qvw.Meta
ErrorShared - Key.User: Error reading shared objects of type , user: , StopLoadingWhenSharedFileIsCorrupt: 0, Document: DocumentName.qvw.Meta

Not until I was able to delete the corrupt Meta file and restart each server did the QlikView Server begin responding.

Would the QVS have eventually handled this automatically? 

Is there a way to prevent this from reoccurring?



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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hi bnichol,

Are you sure it was the .Meta file that was causing the issue, or have you also removed the .shared file ?

I've have never seen a .Meta file with errors, however a .Shared file containing objects by deleted (non existing) users causes issues.

In the reference manual is a description how you could automatically scan and repair the Shared files.

It is called the "Shared file Cleaning Tool"

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Same problem today for me. Corrupt Meta-File killed the whole Server. Nothing helped until stopping server-service and delete the meta-file. Start the service again and enjoy! No applications could be opened up. Nothing was responding on management console. Just the eventlog helped me out.

I hope this never happens again. 2 hours downtime. First bigger downtime since 5 years.