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How do i password protect access to the enterprise management console

I have just upgraded from Qlikview 8 to Qlikview 10.  The new enterprise management console in Qlikview10 is great. It really makes managing the server easy. However it is insecure out of the box. How do i lock it down and password protect access to it? Currently anyone can access it by browsing to http//servername:4780/QEMC

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Hi, Srayner.

This behavior is a bit strange, only users that are part of the 'QlikView Administrators' group should have access to this page.

Please, check if there is a group inside 'QlikView Administrators' with all the users that can access it.

Hope this helps,



Hi there,

In addition to what Erich aptly suggests, users in local security group QlikView Administrators may have nothing to do with the license assignments, meaning that any person of the IT department can be in that local group so he can reschedule some tasks or change the root folder, but that does not mean he needs a license and vice versa, any user that has to be able to open a document, either to develop and modify it or just to analyze the charts doesn't have necessarily to belong to the QlikView Administrators group in order to get access to the document.

Only actual QlikView Server administrators (people that create reload or distribution tasks or run them upon request, cluster servers, assign licenses...) should belong to the QlikView Administrators group.

Hope that helps.

Miguel Angel Baeyens

BI Consultant

Comex Grupo Ibérica