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Creator III
Creator III

How to get Qlik to recreate all GUI objects in a new version? (not migrate/import/copy)

If you have upgraded before you will notice that GUI objects created in older versions may not receive new functionality until they are deleted/recreated in the new version of QlikView. For large environments – is there a way to automate this activity?

I have dozens of objects which no longer work (Excel export broken) post upgrade to April 2019 SR3. Deleting and recreating the objects resolves the issue but is time consuming. Other techniques like copy/paste and Document Export/import do not resolve the issue. My assumption is those techniques are truly not recreating the object but rather reusing all the existing properties of the old object (which are either corrupt, or created in prior version).   Any ideas on how to do this besides the manual delete/recreate?

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Creator III
Creator III

While I'm still interested in the answer, my issue is the disabled expressions bug in April 2019 SR3. When I recreated the chart I obviously didn't recreate any disabled expressions, so the issue appeared solved. When I exported/imported I would have also imported disabled expressions so the issue would have persisted. 



The only thing of which I can think that may work as well would be recreating the app using project files, but not sure if that is going to cause the original issue to remain or not, only other thing of which I can think to try that may be a bit easier.



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