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Named User CALS- dynamic assignment


We have dynamic assignment checked in QEMC licenses  and we have only named user CALS.

I heard that if user accesses any application in QEMC one CAL will be used and if the same user does not access any application from accesspoint for more than 30 days then the CAL will be assignd to next user.

In our QEMC i found that out of 100 licenses 70 are in use. but out of 70, there are some CALS which shows last access date as before 30 day period (some dates in september).

I wanted to know whether the 30 day period is correct or not. Also I wanted to know how these CALS are removed. Will they be removed after servers restart or dynamically after 30 day period eventhoug there is know restart of servers.

Just to mention , not all CALS are being leased. Only 15-20 CALS will be leased.

- Anusha

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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

You must manually delete the old CALs. They will not be removed automatically.


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Hi Anusha

This 30 days limitation is for the Licence Lease . Not for the actuall assinment of the CAL's for accessing the AP.

Also, these CAL's does not remove them selves. They have to be removed manually.


Rishi Beri

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Hi Rob,Rishi

If the CALS cannot be automatically deleted then in our environment we have added 180 users to applications eventhough we have 100 CALS. IN QEMC it is showing assigned cals as 70 in use out of 100. This assigned CALS number changes daily but we never ran out of licenses till now.

we never deleted the CALS from QEMC manually.   All the 70 licenses are showing the last accessed date as october and only some 7-10 licenses are shown as last accessed date september.

Everytime I check the Last accessed date for all CALS it shows only the current month or sometimes previous month

- Anusha