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QlikView Workbench 10 with .NET Forms Authentication

Has anybody successfully implemented a QV Workbench v10 solution using Forms Authentication and Proxy.aspx? I have an issue where it appears that the .NET app is sending two ticket lookup requests simultaneously to the QV Server. The first one is successfully but the second fails. Here is a partial Event Log:

2011-03-19 17:25:50 Ticket created: Ticket for jack.

2011-03-19 17:25:51 Ticket Lookup: Ticket 77E3D35DE190EF0FBF0F7FE1A671746A23F0D95C was found.

2011-03-19 17:25:51 CAL usage: Named CAL "JACK" now used - ok.

2011-03-19 17:25:51 Ticket Lookup: Ticket 77E3D35DE190EF0FBF0F7FE1A671746A23F0D95C not found.

2011-03-19 17:25:51 Session stop reason: invalid iis authentication string

The issue doesn't occur if I don't use proxy.aspx or if I switch to authentication mode="Windows" in web.config.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Matt

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Hi matt,

Can you explain how you got the ticket. I am in need of a code for this and it will be very helpful if you can mention the method.thanks