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Qlikview Protocol Authentication Passing

The Setup:

I am trying the open in server option to a qlikview server machine. I know Format for this is:


So the string I am entering looks like this:


This string opens up the document and prompts me for a PASSWORD which I can enter to bring up the document.

The Question:

Is there anything I can do to take the PASSWORD and include it in the string to not prompt me after the face and automatically open the document?

1 Reply

from online help it seems it's not possible



username is a Windows user ID. The parameter is optional.

hostname is the name of the host. The parameter is obligatory.

documentname is the name of the QlikView document (excluding qvw extension). The parameter is optional.

port (e.g. 4749) can be used for specifying a specific port used by the server

protocol (e.g. http) can be used for specifying a tunneling protocol. The parameter is optional.

@ without username denotes anonymous identity.

If the user is in the same domain as the qlikview server you can use windows identity and you will not be asked any password