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Partner - Creator

Reload from Web

Hello ,

My Application is divided in 3 parts:

  1. Script.qvw ( Extraction Data)
  2. Builder.qvw ( Modelizazion Data)
  3. Template.qvw ( Front end)

My customer wants , frow Access Point Web, click on one button and make a "reload".

How I can do for reload before SCRIPT , BUILDER and template in one time?

Ideas ?

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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

The AccessPoint has no support for user-initiated reloads. It's not like what you have in QV Desktop where the reload engine and the display engine are integrated in one single application. Different services are at play in QlikView server and they cannot be made to talk to each other in an easy way. However, consider this alternate solution:

  1. Put your documents on the server
  2. In QMC define a task chain so that Doc 1 triggers a reload in Doc 2 and Doc 2 triggers a reload in Doc 3
  3. Add a task to Doc 1 with a trigger of type "on an external event". Don't forget to set a password.
  4. Download QMSEDX from Using EDX in QlikView 11
  5. Create a small application or a web page that uses QMSEDX or a web service to trigger the Doc 1 task whenever a button is pressed. Include some type of authentication to avoid misuse.



Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Thanks Peter,

seems easy.. but I am locked:

  1. Done
  2. Done
  3. Done
  4. Done
  5. NOW??? Could you give me more information ? Examples ? ScreenShoot?



Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

I don't use this technique to trigger document reloads nor do my customers. You can visitUsing EDX in QlikView 11 for more information about the technology, but you'll have to devise a solution that fits your situation yourself.

Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II