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Contributor III
Contributor III

Unlink two Listbox

Hi everyone,

I have these LB;


everything works correctly when i select a Geo first and then Country, but when i do it the other way arround it look like this:


And the data filtered is like duplicate i mean, if theres a 62 that should be 31 but it only shows up when i select either NA or WW.

Is there a way to block WW in all Geos?

Thanks in advance!,


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That's how QlikView works: you don't need to follow a sequence to filter, and simplifying:

  • the color green will always show what you have selected
  • white the values which are possible in the data model according to your selection (in your case, Canada seems to be part of both NA and WW)
  • and grey which are all other values excluded by the selection

Without knowing how your model is built, it's not possible to give more details on how to "hide" WW. If you really want to avoid it to display, modify your script to not load those values, or set a Null() so it does not show in the listbox, yet it exists.