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Wrong values in PDFs distributed via e-mail

Hello All!

I have pretty mush experience with server and publisher but lately I have a situation I can't resolve. We are distributing few hundreds of PDFs every day (via e-mail) in one of our customers environments. Most of them are based on the loops in tasks, based on e.g. [customer] field. List of recipients is stored in Custom Directory. The general problem is the stability of the publisher environment, lately there was v9.0 server (SR5) and the tasks was crushing pretty often without an obvious reasons, PDF printer was also unstable. Few days ago we have upgraded to v10 sr2 hoping it could help. In fact most of the errors disappeared... but new ones appeared:/ The most important error is:

There is a task which should be making a loop over a field. Sometimes it looks like the Publisher doesn't loop over the field and is sending all of the data to random (sic!) recipients. I can't find any rule of this behavior. Sometimes it works just fine, sometimes it doesn't.

I know it sound like an error in a qvw model or bad configuration of task, but we have tested it in many ways and it looks just fine.

E.g. if I open the qvw document manually and select a value in a field which should be looped by publisher - reports contain correct data.

Maybe someone have been through something similiar and could help me somehow.

I would be very grateful!

Best regards!

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I should add, this is not a lack of hardware resources problem. CPU is not to strong because its standard hyper-v virtual machine but there is enough RAM. Server have never crushed because of lack of RAM.