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Creator III
Creator III

inputfields - where stored, what causes reset?

QlikCommunity – I’m troubleshooting an issue in an app which uses InputFields for simulation purposes. Some, but apparently not all, of my users are noticing that the inputfield values seem to be resetting back to their default state sporadically. As I begin my troubleshooting can someone tell me:

  1. 1)     Where does Qlik store inputfields? Are they stored in the .meta file, .shared file, etc.?
  2. 2)     What could cause them to reset back to their default state? (besides a name change of the .qvw file, and a macro that resets them).
    1. a. Could a browser setting do this?
    2. b. Could QVS service restarts do this? What about restarting the physical server, or promoting a new version of the application?

I’m currently working to understand who this is happening too and how frequently. Getting answers to these questions will really help me out.

Thanks in advance!


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

In my opinien are inputfields not a stable solution for the long-term without doing some kind of backups - exports to flat-files and loading them again regulary or if it's necessary - maybe other solution like SQL Writeback from QlikView extension object. are more suitable.

AFAIK inputfield-values are stored with the shared-files. Therefore it might be useful to make regular backups from them and using from the shared-file viewer from the power-tools: PowerTools 1.1 for QlikView.

The reset from the values is probably mostly caused by changes within the data-structure - if new dimension-values are loaded or the load-order changed and likely some more reasons.

- Marcus