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Contributor III
Contributor III

section access, conditional view and reload..


i'm using a section access for the security of my project.

i have to hide a sheet for some user.. so 'I would use the "conditional" option.

i set the condition to:

A_FLAG= '1'

A_FLAG is a field associated white the user, so if a user have  A_FLAG= '1' the hi view the sheet.

this works sometimes.

yes, sometimes.

if i reload the data and save the project it works, if i change something and save the project does not work anymore.

I don't understand.

Any idea?

thanks in advance!

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Opening a document with Section Access and data reduction enabled in QlikView Desktop will always try to reduce the data based on your account. You will end up with a limited set of data and this will be the content of the document after you save it. Opening it again as a different user for example will often break things because a lot of data is missing.

However, opening a document and performing a Reload will undo the reduction and expand the data back to the full set. Saving this document will produce a fully loaded document that can be opened by anyone with permission.

Saving a document while data reduction is in effect is not a good idea. If you have a server, make sure the document is reloaded after any change you make to the original.