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Hi,everyboby,I meet a question about object position in qlikview server.


     Have person know how to count object position in qlikview server?I mean that I had created a object in qlikdesktop client,and build the page beautiful,but,when I run this .qvw at server,they  have change,become so small and lose background color.

     So, do you know any function to change it.

     ps:Those object created by macros.And the macro can run in server cilent,don't tell me it can changed object at server again,thanks.

best regards!

H !ope your help!

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Read this article to see what you can/cannot do with macros in a server document. These are restrictions imposed by the company that created QlikView. Not much you can do about them...

Using Macros in QV Documents on the QV-Server ‒ QlikView

BTW if your other almost identical discussion is not applicable anymore, then please close it: [Macro] why it is different lacation between qv-server and desktop client