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Partner - Creator

2 level section access possible?

Hi everybody, For 2 years we using 1 level section access on a qlik project. It works like;


USER      1                    3

USER      1                    4

USER      1                    5

USER      1                    6

USER      1                    7

USER      2                    11

USER      2                    12

USER      3                    13

User 2 just see stkod 11 and 12's data and it works fine. But now we need a kind of 2 level section access. I mean I will add a new column which xcode on section access table as shown below. User 1 can see again just stkod 3-4-5-6-7 but at the same time for just a calculated expression should see also stkod 13, because xcode is A. I mean simply; we need to compare stkod 7 and 13's KPI s; but user 1 shouldn't see stkod 13's detailed data.


USER      1                    3                A

USER      1                    4                A

USER      1                    5                A

USER      1                    6                A

USER      1                    7                A

USER      2                    11              B

USER      2                    12              B

USER      3                    13              A

My idea is using section access on xcode and when user 1 logged in; stkod 13's data would be loaded into doc, but in the all detailed analysis i shoud use a filter or set expression filter that based from USERCODE level filter; i mean i cant use section access table column but; i know it seems a lot of works. Do you think it will work or do you have any better suggestions?

Thanks for now..


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