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Creator III
Creator III

6 QVD's into 1 mina document: Schedule/reload not working


I was wondering if someone could help me

1) I have built 6 QVW's which store data into 6 individual QVD's 

2) All 6 QVW's are scheduled on the scheduler and run at different times of the day/week etc and reload prefectly

3) I have a main document which is based upon the 6 generated QVD's

4) The main document is scheduled to run on the scheduler, but for some reason it does not reload

Could someone please help me with any suggestions as to why my main document will not refresh like the 6 individual QVW's?


I have looked at the scheduler and cannot see why it wouldn't run

Any advice is greatly appreciated

I am running Qlikview 10 and the scheduler is enterprise management concole



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Hello Helen,

   did you try to run manually your main document (the one at point 3)? Is it running without errors?

When the scheduler (your point 4) runs, can you see any error status from the management console?



Creator III
Creator III

Hello Daniele

Thank you for your reply

I ended up starting from the beginning and loading in a QVD file at a time, to see if it works and through this route, my main document is refreshing on the server

I think there was an error message which popped up and then disspeared, but I did not know what it said

I think I am O.K for now and as I started my main document from scratch and loading a QVD at a time, it seems to be working O.K

If i get another opportunity, I will try putting my original Main document back on the scheduler to see if the error message pops up again

Thanks ofr your time.

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Hello Helen,

  starting from scratch was a good approach. Sometimes we make simple mistakes but we are not able to detect them, so start again or ask someone else to have a look is a good idea.



Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

Hi Helen,

Maybe too obvious but, are your QVD-files stored in C:\QLIKVIEW\DEVELOPMENT\HP\QVD\ on your server?

If you schedule it on the server that is where they need to be (so not on your local computer)