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About table fields concatenation

Hi everyone,

I am quite new to QlikView and have been struggling about a specific issue I have when trying to build a table chart. Let me explain what I am trying to do:

My goal is to create a table chart that looks like this:

Aug17 (past)Sept17 (future)Nov17 (future)
Region 1actual valueforecast valueforecast value

Region 2


What I have on my hands is two separate fields (actual and forecast) and so to build this table I am filtering those fields by months (before and after today, by using set expressions like [Month]={"<=$(=$(var_today))"} ), and then summing them. Like:

Sum( $<date<=today> Actuals) + Sum($<date>today> Forecast)

Note that the Actual field only exists until today's date, but the Forecast exists on the whole time frame.

The result I get is that everything after today is not calculated and show no value:

Aug17 (past)Sept17 (future)Nov17 (future)
Region 11,5---

Region 2


I suspect this is because Actuals field does not exits in the future, and Qlik cannot sum with non existent entities.

Did you ever come across this kind of issue?

Thanks a lot  for your help!


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= Sum({<date={'<=today()'}> Actuals)  + Sum({<date={'>today()'}>} Forecast)


Would you be able to share a sample with the expected output?(qvw)