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Above function group by dimension

Hi All

I have a requirement of replacing nulls with previous value which I am able to achieve by above function.

Is there any option to limit it only to date dimension and group by on other dimension.

Thanks in Advance


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In fact, you need to order your table by Other Dimensions and  Date

And also, use the peek() or previous() functions, sth like:

if (NOT isnull(Price), Sales, if(previous(Customer)=Customer AND previous(Product)=product, peek('Price')) ) as 'Price',

FROM [...]

ORDER BY Customer, Product, Date;

Here, I want to fetch the previous Price only if the Price is null AND  if it is the same Customer and the same Client as the previous one.


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Hi Fabrice,

I understand that peek function will help in this but it is a static value. We are having a cumulative measure and when displayed over multiple dimension in pivot table results in null values. So we are looking for a dynamic function with which we can achieve the same in expression. Above function is working fine.

[Actual Sale]=IF(ISNULL(MAX(Sales)),Above(([Actual Sale]),1),MAX( Sales))

But I need it group by other dimensions like region. One product sale value should not be carry forward to next region. Is there any way to achieve this.

Thanks in Advance