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Access Point Screen Resolution


I have developed an application which is working fine in the developing environment but it is not working in access point.

The tables and charts are distorted.

I have read through the community blogs but could not find any suitable solution for this.

In the access point screen there is no zoom option  nor a 'fit to screen' option.

Please help me as iam new to Qlikview.

Thanks in advance.

2 Replies

The zooming functionality is reserved for the installed client (i.e. Standalone or IE Plugin), not available in the Ajax Client.

Personally I'm not a fan of the zooming anyway.

Not applicable

Note the Ajax client has some issues - like scrollbars need to be 12 point thick or objects will distort as they size themselves.  Somewhere there is a document with front end design considerations for Ajax client.

Also in a browser (IE, Firefox & Chrome - I don't know about crApple) you can generally Ctrl++ / Ctrl-- to zoom in and out and also F11 fro fullscreen.