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Access SQL Error Loading Table

Hello everyone,

I am using QlikSense Desktop and have tried most of the ways to figure out what this error means but still can't fix it.

QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: SQL##f - SqlState: S1001, ErrorCode: 4294966285, ErrorMsg: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] System resource exceeded.

If the file in the table is small, then it works fine, but if I imported 2-3 more Excel files, that's when it doesn't work.

I also have a query running.

I hope someone can help me solve this issue


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System resource exceeded sounds like your system ran out of disk space or ram memory. There could also be an issue if you have more than 255 columns. Regardless, it's not Qlik Sense causing the error. The ODBC driver generated the message. Try searching the internet for more information about possible causes and solutions.

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Creator II


I had this same error for the first time this morning.  I googled the error on the forums and found a few topics


These explained our situation.  Due to some network issues at the time the store was taking longer than expected so it created issues when it came to drop table.

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What did you do to get it to work? squeakie_pig