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Contributor III
Contributor III

Access to objects properties macro level

Hi all,

Im trying to acces to the hide\show condition of an object because i need to export several objects to ppt, but im doing the filter with this line of code:

if qlikObjects(i).GetObjectType = 10 Or qlikObjects(i).GetObjectType = 16 then

this line is filter from all the object in an specific sheet , but theres a part of the dashboard that wont get exported, and this part has to objects type 10 that are getting exported, but this object have the same type, are in the same sheet, and they just get differenced by the Hide/show property. the objects that i want have the contidition vView=1 and the others vView=2, so i need to validate that every object have "vView=1" before export them.



i need to say, that another thing that difference them is the ID but i want to apply this solution for other dashboard and they may have to many objects so i think by this or other unique property will be faster becasue i need to be able to add other types of objects in the filter line if i need\want to.

any ideas?

Thanks in advanced.

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Not exactly sure what you are up to on this one, but I can point you to the API Guide which has all of the supported API calls...


You want the Using QlikView with Automation and Macros area and the QlikView COM API Reference QVW there.  Hopefully that may help, but I am not sure the APIs are this granular.


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