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Adding a calculated field

Most probably a very basic question.

I want to add an additional column to my table of information by taking one field away from the other. I'm not sure if it causes any issues but the two fields i want to take away are date and time fields - what i want as a result is a fields formatted as Hours, Minutes, seconds.

Can you clarify where i should be doing this? Should it be written in the "edit script" section as i pull in the data tables or is this a function once the information has been pulled in from the raw data tables.

Many thanks,


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You may put easily in tables adding expressions (or dimension) and formatting them, something like:



Let me know

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Hi Alessandro,

This is useful but what i want is a field added so that i can then run calculations off of that field. The difference between the two fields would be hours, minutes, seconds - i would then like to run a text object that says - this is the average difference between the two times, this is the total difference between the two times ETC.




hope it helps you

example with difference between 2 datetime fields