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hi guys


I am desperate to get help on this one.

My model contains volumes per Table in a Database - per Days, Weekday and Hour, and Period

what I need to do (the expressions in my chart)...

1. Get the total volume PER Req_DATE, per REQ_HOUR, per TABLE (that part works LOL)

2. Then I need to get the AVERAGE VOLUME PER WEEKDAY(SATURDAYS ETC), per REQ_HOUR and compare what I've calculated in (1) to this average - and color code it. Easy as that.

Please have a look at the attached image...

look at Saturday 20200502 for example. For 00 Hours the volume is 21 899. The total of ALL the volumes for 00 Hours for May is = 21 899 + 9023 + 9739 + 11 144 and 14004 = 65 809  (for Saturdays).

Now that 65809 should be divided by 5 (the Amount of Saturdays in May) to find the average (per REQ_HOUR of course)

(PLEASE NOTE there are some NULL values for REQ_HOUR - hence I exclude it in all Expression)

I dont know how to achieve that. The division is currently happening by 99 (as highlighted) 

Please - this is urgent.

Thank you


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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Check the following Design Blog post, believe it should provide some further help to you:


There are additional posts in this area regarding the AGGR function, so if you want to look those over, use the following link and search on AGGR for those results:



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