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Partner - Creator

Aggregation question

Hi All, 

I have below table as an example for 1 resource. I have many resources, many codes, many deployments and many production times in hours. 

Resource Code Deployment time in hrs
69 N1 1 8
69 N1 2 8
69 N1 3 8
69 N1 4 8
69 N1 5 4
69 N1 5 4
69 N1 6




From the above table I need to get to this:

Resource Code #of deployments time in hrs
69 N1 6 48


There are other attributes that are part of the top table like year, state and active that I can use in a set analyses.

The number of deployments is a straight forward count distinct combined with set analyses, but I have been struggling with the time in hours total. Because there are duplicate values in the rows, the results have to be summed up to deployment and then to Code. Per   Resource there will be a total and there is a table total.

Any help to get this sorted is very much appreciated.

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