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Alert Condition-Really urgent

Hello All,

I am using personal edition < I have an expression BCR

sum( {$<clean_message = {"Unreadable Sample ID (BCR 2)","Unreadable Sample ID (BCR 3)"}>} quantity)/sum( {$<id = {tubes},msg_desc = {"CentrifugeCounter"}>} msg_daily_count))*100

and a threshold Value , and on the dimension I have date, I have to trigger and alert whenever the threshold is greater than number of consecutive days that user enters in an inputbox, say if BCR2 > threshold than 3(entered by user) than an alert should be fired, can someone please help me with this ? Please have a look at the attached picture.

Thanks and Regards,

Ronak Jain

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Alerts -- those defined in the tools menu -- are only tested on document open or post reload. If you want the user to enter a value after opening the document, it's too late -- the alerts have already been tested. Am I misunderstanding your question?


Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi Ronak,

I think alert is not possible in your scenario, Can you Highlight this with different background color or Show some text objects with some message when this condition is met.  Can you attach some sample file and the condition.