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Creator III
Creator III

Alerts and Section Access

Hello All,

I have a sales dashboard in QlikView with section access. I need to set up alerts after every reload which gives the information about departments that didn't meet some threshold value in sales. Can I restrict the alerts based on my section access?

Ex: This is my data

Dept, Sub Dept, Sales

DP1, SDP11, 13000

DP1, SDP12, 56435

DP1, SDP23, 65723

DP2, SDP21, 46000

DP3, SDP31, 14590

I need to send alerts to few people showing all the sub departments that have sales less than 20000. My section access is based on the Sub Dept field.

So can a person having access to SDP11 only get alert only for that group or will he get an alert for everyone? I tried this but the alerts seem not to be effected by section access. Please help!

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