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Anyone Experience Objects not loading automatically on new tabs with IE Plugin

Hi all,

When using the IE plug in (Qlik Tech Plugin 11.20.12354.0 v1), we are experiencing issues on our Dashboard with objects not loading automatically when you select a new tab.  Once a user clicks anywhere on the page then the objects (table/charts) appear.

Users are only experiencing this issue with Windows 7, people that are using Windows XP everything renders as it should automatically.

Also can anyone tell me how to verify what version of the plug in is being used, I cannot tell (on my machine) because we use an internet access point.

many thanks in advance

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It could be the IE version, can you tell me what version of IE do WIN7 users VS. XP users?

The easy ways to check the plug-in version the user have installed, open an application with IE plug-in > menu> about Qlikview> under "version".

Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik