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Automated testing of output

Hello all,

I have been thinking about how to test the figures that QlikView produces in the UI, by pointing it to a test database with known data, and somehow testing that the figures produced in the UI are the expected results.

My reasoning is that in cases where mistakes in the UI or the script could be very costly to a client, I want a way to quickly and regularly conduct tests without doing it manually.

Has anyone investigated this? I can't find anyone doing automated testing of QLikView. One idea I had was to use the Selenium or Watin web page testing frameworks to test the output of documents published to an intranet via a server using the AJAX deployement, although I have not tried this yet.

Any thoughts or guidance?

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I had the opposite problem, verifying a SSRS report with the help of a QlikView app.

I would try the following in your place:
1) think about data scenarios you would like to verify and define/create a reference dataset
2) create bookmarks for the scenario selections
3) export your tables / graphs to Excel or print PDF's for each bookmarked scenario
4) calculate expected results and compare with your QlikView results.
5) Adobe has a great PDF comparison tool (costly) that will show differences between different runs / versions of your app
6) haven't looked into this but you might be able to automate testruns from within a QlikView macro. An alternate would be to use Autoit (free) for the automation.

Good luck


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Some good ideas, thanks - hadn't thought about Macros, may investigate that, and hadn't thought about bookmarks.

It would be great to get a process like you describe as frictionless as possible. I'll try to report back to the forum if I ever find a good way to do this!

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I have similar issue as jdallen. I know Selenium and Watin are option, when used on AJAX. But currently we are using IE plugins, and it is observed that the IE developer does not recognise the qlikview obect ids when opened with IE plugins(as it is on a dot net framework). Do you have any suggestions/ alternatives for this?

However, use of macros does help, but this will help testing only the values generated in the UI. If we could achieve GUI, Usability along with Functional testing with any given tool would be great.

I would like to know more on the bookmark thingy suggested. Request you to elaborate on this.



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Hi all,

I am also researching for test automation of QV while developing and maintaining the QV documents.
Is there any updated information for QV UI testing? Is it possible for QV UI testing be abe to be automated?

Please also refer to the following discussion I made.




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Hi James,

Please let us know if you able to figure any good tool that we can use to test qlikview


Sirisha Chigurupati

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Master III

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