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Axis Label Rows

I have a chart that has a lot of axis labels (Every month between 2009 and 2012). I want the axis labels to be horizontal, but the labels are stacking up into 6 rows (see attached screenshot "axis rows") because obviously it can't fit it into a few lines. However, is there a way that I can make the axis labels fit into two rows, even if they overlap and become a blur of black lines (see screenshot 2). I'd rather they be a blur that is about 2 rows high, than all spread out and 6 rows high. I don't mind the blur of lines because eventually users will highlight and zoom in on the bars to view the data.

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I believe you can only control staggered labels or not staggered labels in axis tab (i.e. not the number of levels / lines).

But if I may suggest another option, try using a vertical or diagonal axis label (check option '|' or '/' for primary dimension labels).