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Contributor III
Contributor III

Back button creation


I created Back button in my document using Action=Back.There are four different charts with different sheets in my document.when I clicks on a value from the chart-1 then it will navigates to chart-2 in different sheet .this way, I can navigates  from chart-1 to chart-4 (chart-1>chart-2>chart-3>chart-4) with different sheets.when I clicks(twice) on Back button from chart-4 then the Back button work fine from chart-4 to chart-1 ((chart-4>chart-3>chart-2>chart-1).Here the problem is,need to click twice on Back button in the last chart-4.Other than this problem ,the Back button will works fine.but I want to navigate using single click in the last chart-4.

Kindly provide me solution in both ways like using "action type" and "macro expression" for Back button.

Thanks for your great support............

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