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Bar chart with Time Dimension, Joins two tables on wrong keys (synth)

Hi im making a qlikview dahsboard which monitors orders and terminations.

All orders have a unique USER_ID. This is the one i want to join the two tables (New order) and (Terminated Orders) on.

However in the barchart i want the bottom dimension to be year_month. So i have added a year_month variable in each table (New Order) and (terminated orders)

The point is then to have a barchart which shows all new orders made during a month, and if these orders were terminated at a later date. I got this working using the approach above. Without the year_month variable in Terminated_orders it will think the order was made and terminated the same month. The picture below show this working as intended. But now come my problem. I have introduced a new bug.

Since i now have a synth key with user_id and year_month. my "terminated orders" table has lost connection with info in the new orders table. Since year_month in "New orders" will be different from the year_month in "terminated orders"

So if i choose all orders with terminated status in a selection box. i will not be able to see any order info from this order (like product, value, type etc)

So how do i make a chart like the one in the picture below, without this problem ?


Columns are New orders (blue bar) and Terminated orders this month (Red bar) and Accumulated Terminations (Green bar)


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Try to resolve the synthetic keys before creating charts, as this would lead to misleading visualization.

Or attach a sample app you are working on.

Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Kristian, here is a Design Blog post for you regarding synthetic keys, hopefully this will be helpful in relation to Arthur's post.



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