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Better relationship between tables to create a tabular report


I need to represent a report by using a table box. The data to show are linked to some tables by a referred code. These tables have a description and I want often to show the description rather than the code.

Does exist a nice manner to create a relationship between two tables by code and showing the description in the table box?

Fe, if I have on a db:

Products: ProductKey, ProductDescription

Invoices: InvoiceID, InvoiceDate, InvoiceDescription, Amount, ProductKey

I want to show a list of invoices with ProductDescription and not ProductKey.


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Not sure what's the reason for this question. The two tables have common field ProductKey. It serves to link Products to Invoices. You don't need to show it. Just show what you need - Invoice Description and Product Description. This is how QlikView works.

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I'm afraid that the right value for Product Description it isn't shown in the table box.


It doesn't make sense to me... Do you have the right values in the filed itself, if you view it as a list box? Can you put all list boxes on the screen and see what happens when you make selections?