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Bold format expression

Hi everybody,

I want to change the format of a dimension in my pivot table using this expression :

if (istext(Product), '<b>')

but it doesn't work. Please can anyone tells me what I am missing in my expression.

Thank you

3 Replies

Where are you using this expression?

You need to use it in the text format attribute expression of your dimension

2016-05-29 21_41_55-QlikView x64 - [C__Users_Stefan_Downloads_Sort (1).qvw_].png

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I am using the expression in text format attribute of my dimension.


Please try


this should create all dimension values with bold characters.

Does this work?

Then  your condition, istext(Product)

is most probably only returning false. Can't tell why this is the case without knowing your field values.

Could you post a screenshot of your Product list box and of your chart showing the dimensions?

Have you double checked the spelling of the field names?