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Box Plot customization

Hello Guys,

I am stuck on a requirement which is very important to achieve however i am unable to get it done. Hope someone from the community can help me get this done.

I have a Box-plot in my dashboard, now the requirement is to have a mark on the box plot indicating a certain number from the same column which has been used to create the Box plot.

Explanation:  i have 25 rows of data in my dataset, Every client has one row of data. We have plotted the box plot using one such column[Fracitle(column,0.75), Fractile(column,0.50), Fractile(column,0.25)], The box plot now acts as the benchmark calculated using the distribution of the values in the entire column [data for all the companies] and we need to a mark on the box plot to show what value a specific company in question has given.

The value a company would have picked is a single number, if i add an expression as a symbol it is falling out of the range of the box which is expected as the box plot ranges are different since we have used the fractile function.

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