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Bullet Graph Design by Stephen Few (QV practice)

Dear, Experts.

I'm working on Sales Managers Dashboards and need more practice examples and details about how can I realize Bullet Graph Design by Stephen Few in my QV project.

For example, I wants to show  for Sales Managers progress of sales plan development day by day (Plan development vs. Time).

Plan: Plan -1000, working days - 22

Facts: Actuals  - 100, working days passed - 3

Forecast: Actuals that must be on current date -  1000/22*3= 136, GAP (by date) = 136 -100 = 36, Forecast = 100/3*22= 733, GAP (by Forecast) = 1000-733 = 267. Must to sell by day to achive Plan  / Reduce  GAP = (1000 -100) / (22-3)= 47,4.

Thanks a lot for any  recomendations, examples and details realization Bullet Graph Design by Stephen Few in your projects!


2 Replies

Hi Vadim

If you are looking at a day-by-day trend then a bullet chart is not ideal. I would use a bullet chart to show the year-to-date or month-to-date total actuals against the equivalent plan values.

To show day by day a cumulative line chart will be more effective. They are often called run rate charts as the planned line tends to be a straight line a planned values accumulate of the days while the actuals snake around as the actual values fluctuate.

I hope that helps.


David, hi

Thank you for your comments. I necessarily try to use run rate charts