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Creator II
Creator II

CPU / Memory Utilization is Low

We have latest Dell Power Age- R820 with 4 CPU's , 128 GB of RAM and Windows 2012 , when we load our application which fetches records form QVD/SAP , we noticed that , it takes much more time and at the same time when we checked RAM/CPU utilization , we found that it wasn't more than 15-20 % . It was ok if available RAM is low i.e. 32 GB or less than that, but even if we are having 128 GB of ram, why my application is not using / utilizing it?  in QlikView we have setting that RAM will be used 70-90%, Pls. suggest us the solution.

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Master II
Master II


The HDD or Network speed could also be the bottleneck.

Use windows monitor to determine HDD an network load.