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Calculated Dimension

i have a calculate dimension in a trend line chart, with if statements, BUT my second if statement is giving me 0s. so if i switch the 1st if statement to the second position, i get incorrect values for it. so, in essence, it is only returning a correct value for whatever calculation is being done first.

Expression: count(personnel)

the goal is: 489,546 in FY1, and 486,990 in FY2

i have never encountered this in qlik. any thoughts? (i could do them as expressions, but i want to change the bar chart to a trend chart)

Dimension in the 1st bar chart:

=if(fiscalyear1headcount=1 , 'FY1',
IF(fiscalyear2headcount=1 , 'FY2',
IF(fiscalyear3headcount=1, 'FY3')))

Dimension in the 2nd bar chart:

=if(fiscalyear2headcount=1 , 'FY2',
IF(fiscalyear1headcount=1 , 'FY1',
IF(fiscalyear3headcount=1, 'FY3')))



1 Reply

Would you be able to share a sample qvw to check this out? Also, what numbers do you expect to see (for the attached sample) for all the three bars?