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Calculated (value List) dimention label issue

Hello All,

I have a calculated dimention as say

=ValueList('India','United States')

I want to label my expression as their ccy as

So I have written simple expression in label part as,

=if( ValueList('India','United States','Japan') = 'India' , 'INR' , 'USD')

But it does not Show correct results, it always shows else part. Is there anything else we need to do here.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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i am not sure i understood you but

the lablel of a column is one for all value so what happens

is that qlikview calculate the label with all the values so it can only bring back one value

so in the label expression your equation looks like if(india,us,japan=india then, else) this will allways get the else result

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What I mean is,  I have Chart table like,

          India |  US 

Label->    CCY

2010    1.1   | 6.3

2011     2.3  |  7.8

Country dimention is also ValueList('India','US')

I want to add label to my expression  as CCY which is  if( valuelist ('India','US') ='India','INR','USD')

to get output,

          India | US

          INR  USD

2010     1.1 | 6.3

2011     2.3 | 7.8

Is it possible?


can you post sample data?

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Attaching Sample File..



as to my knowledge , i don't think you can achive what you want

i like  iwrote in the first respond , the expression label is calulated document wise, i.e one result to all dimensions


wht you can do is in your value list to write india- 'INR' , USA-US