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Calculating YTD Transaction Count


I need to create a chart in Qlik view which will show the YTD Count of Transaction ID and Sum of Amount.

Date Field is - [Formula - Txn Month]

I have attached the sample excel and .qvw file

I wrote the YTD set expression in the Chart but not working




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Creator III
Creator III



First of all it's common practice to get YTD flags inside the master calendar, in your app there are only three columns, so i'm not sure if you're aware of it.

As for the formula itself, first you got Year & Month fields in the set analysis which are not within the model.

Second of all, the criteria is for YTD last year (-1), so there is no data that match it within the sample data.

Third, Qlik is case sensitive, you wrote Amount where the field name is actually AMOUNT.

Last, you need to make some changes to the set anlaysis part, see the right one below

=sum({$< [Formula - Txn Month]={">=$(=(YearStart(Today(),0)))<=$(=AddYears(Today(), 0))"}>}AMOUNT)





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