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Can I create a dashboard template without Data?

Hey everyone,

I am brand new to Qlikview and just finding my feet with it all.

I was wondering whether it is possible to create a dashboard template with all the empty boxes, graphs, maps etc. to be populated with data later?

The reason is that I am under some time pressure to set up the dashboard but am getting the data from others sometime at a later stage. I would like to then bring the visual front-end and the data together.

Any tips?


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Yes u can create dummy data in excel or something to create a dashboard..


Yes.. You can morph the data by yourself.. and create the dashboard..

but you have to make sure.. you take care of the field name changes..


out of curiousity.. are your views defined already.. ???

Creator III
Creator III


Yes, In qlikview you can create your template and that's what the flexibility is available in this Tool.

Get the excel sheet and load it in Script.

Kindly make sure that you put the right field in your dummy data at final stage once you get actual data.

Choose the charts you want to choose, dimensions and your expressions.

Final touch up can be given once your actual data comes in picuture.

Tip- Please keep the naming conventions closet to actual data, so you don't need to re-work much at final stage.



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Creator III
Creator III

To do this effectively, you will need to know as much as possible about the data in advance.

This will allow you to accurately replicate the real data when building your model.

You will need to know the  table structrures, field names (and formats) and how the different fields/tables are associated, so that you can anticipate it in your load script as well as in your tables and charts.

Otherwise the level of rework could negate the value of pre-building!

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Thanks everyone for your quick and helpful replies.

I have a number of tables in Excel to be populated. I am having discussions with my data gathering crew tomorrow, so that should give me a better idea of which data we will include and how the different data points are connected.

My plan is to set up the tables prior to people filling in the data, which should enable me to populate it with dummy data and set up the template.

I'll take all your suggestions into account and will come back with more questions ;-).

Many thanks and hats off to this great community!


Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni


Yes, you can design the UI without having the data. But you need to know the schema (Connection Strings, Table Names & Field Names etcetera). So you can load some fictitious data and build your UI. Best approach is to control your UI elements by script & variables instead using hard coding within the properties. I mean you can create a control spread sheet which defines the colours within your UI (Primary, Secondary & Additional Colours). So you can use this control spread sheet to change your colour definition and once you reload…UI elements change. And you can also use Import/Export the objects from one document to another document (objects are stored in XML format). Finally, you can reload the document without data if you are not ready with the data.

I’ve made some tutorials on loading colours within script and using include variable to control the connection strings. Please check my blog :

I hope all this makes sense.

Good luck!