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Can't save changes made to Qlikview doc


I am trying to save few changes to Qlikview app but everytime I reopen it reinstates the older version. Though it has all my changes made in the code and the sheet objects reflect all changes once I reload the app. but again on reopening it loses them all. Can anyone please help as why is this happening and what's the workaround??


2 Replies
Specialist II
Specialist II

check the Document Properties--> Save Document(Users)

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Make sure you do not have a .prj directory with XML from the QVW.

If you do it can re-create the old version of the QVW.

the .prj folder is used for Source Control, Rob's Document Analyzer and other things.  It can be very useful but also be tricky when you are fighting with it.