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Cannot connect to a database from server

Hello everyone,

In an application, I need a password to connect to the database. So I used the OLEDB connection and in the Connection tab, I have checked "Allow saving passord".

Then I can close my application, and then open it again and reload it without having to enter a password.

The problem is that I have pasted this application on the production server and the reload fails from QVS.  The error is that it cannot

connect to the database.

The error is :

27/08/2014 16:04:50: 0007  OLEDB CONNECT*Provider*XPassword*

27/08/2014 16:04:50:       Error: ErrorSource: (null), ErrorMsg: (null)

27/08/2014 16:04:50:       General Script Error

27/08/2014 16:04:50:       Execution Failed

27/08/2014 16:04:50:      Execution finished.

What can I do ?

Is the line generated with OLEDB depends on which server I am  ?

Thank you for your help

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Looks like this is not DB connection error. Please login to QV server and try to reload from Qlikview Desktop client on the server.

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u try to create oledb connection on production server then reload u r application through QMC?

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I have created my connection on a an application which is where all the applications that are reloaded in QMC are. (This server is DAT)

Then, QMC is on another server. (This server is BAK)

The server BAK reloads the applications that are stored on DAT.

Any ideas ?

I don't have QW desktop on the BAK...

Thanks for your help

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Don't you think it is a password problem ?

The thing is I don't have QV desktop on the server.

I only have it on a developpement server

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have you check your QDS service running through same ID(For ex. u created OLEDB Connection through ID1 but u r QDS service running through another ID).