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Chart Formatting


I have a request to create a chart to replace an existing Excel spreadsheet. The user would like the chart to look identical to the spreadsheet.

My question concerns two aspects of the chart:

  1. Dimensions being displayed horizontally across the top of the chart.
  2. Inserting total columns in the chart.

The spreadsheet is fairly complicated but here is a simple example of what I am trying to accomplish:

Dimensions: SalesmanA, SalesmanB, SalesmanC, SalesmanD

Expressions: Sales < $100, Sales >=$100 and < $200, Sales >= $200, Percentage of total sales

The request is to create a chart in the following format:

SalesmanA SalesmanB Total SalesmanA+B Total All Salesman

Total Sales < $100 10 5 15 120

Total Sales $100 - $200 5 7 12 100

Total Sales > $200 3 1 4 36

Total Sales 18 13 31 256

Percentage of Total Sales 7% 5% 12% 100%

I have set the presentation to Horizontal to have the dimensions displayed across the top of the chart. This issue I have with this is that I cannot seem to control just the column headers. For example I would like the column headings to be two lines but this changes all cells in the chart to two lines high. Is setting the presentation to Horizontal the best technique to accomplish this look?

The second question is what is the best technique to create total columns such as the total SalesmanA+B column if the values accross the top of the chart are dimensions?

Thanks for your help.


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