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Checking if value exists among possible values

Hey guys. I've got a chart I'm having trouble with. So I have a table box that displays a number of records. There's one field that has a many to one relationship to each row in the table. So any record could have multiple possible values for this field. Let's say the record is Eric, and in the field HairColor, are the possible values Brown and Gray. I want my table chart to display the record Eric if Brown is one of the possible selected values for HairColor. So I could create a calculated dimension like this:

=if(Match(HairColor,'Brown'), true(),false())

What this does, however, is create two rows for Eric, one in which the calculated dimension is true (where HairColor=Brown), and one where it is false (where HairColor=Gray). This isn't what I want. I want one row for Eric, that displays True, since Brown is one of the possible values.

Any ideas?


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Partner - Creator II


count(distinct {$ * $<Values={'a'}>} Values)

Anguila thanks.