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Color Based on Specific Date/Month Range/Period


Suppose I have created line graph for GDP. On Y-axis I am having GDP value plotted against Date on X-axis.

I have created vStartDate and vEndDate. Now I want to change color of the line graph based on the range I am giving in the date selection.

E.g: Date: Jan/1950 to Dec/2016.

                 vStartDate: Jan/2001

                  vEndDate: Dec/2001

I want to assign color of the range, please not User can enter any range the want. The Color should changed based on that.

Thanks in advance.

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It would be helpful if you explained how the colour relates to the selection in some detail, preferably with practical examples.

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Thanks for reply. I am attaching an example file please look into it. What I am looking for is, the line remains plotted for all the year. Now I want to change color of the line graph for a particular period, like e.g the line remain plotted from year 2001-2009, but the period

selected in red circle in image, 2003-2007, color change for only this particular period.