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Color-Coding by Assigned Groups


Thanks in advance for taking this question.

Basically, I have several different market areas which I would like to color code by (placing them into regions). See the screenshot attached.

I want to group these individual markets into say 4 Groups: East, West, North, South and color-code them.

For example, I would like to put NY Metro and Northeast into the "East" Group, and make it Red,
San Jose and So. Co into the "West" Group and make it Blue,
Florida and Carolinas into the "South" Group and make it Pink
and so on

Can someone please let me know what I have to do to
a) Create these groups
b) What the expression needs to be to color code these
c) Where I write the expression/and create these groups

I REALLY appreciate it!


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Hi Ryan,

Please attach some sample data and what you required from that.

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Dear Ryan,

You just need to do it into script.

Simply make a field with name group like:-

if(field=NY Metro or field=Northeast,'East',

if(field=San Jose or field=So. Co,'West',

if(field=Florida or field=Carolinas,'South',field) as group

Thanks & Regard

Prince Anand



Select Dimension->click On + sign->Text Color->

Write expression like,

If(wildmatch(dimensionName,'NY Metro','Northeast'),Red(),

     if(wildmatch(dimensionName,'San Jose','Northeast'),Green()))


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Partner - Contributor II

Hi Sir,

If there are many data, like there could  10 places in northeast. Then we have to 10 times, is thr any alternative to make it dynamic.

Like the issue mention in the image.