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Color the calendar slider by segment

Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to color the calendar slider based on a specific block of the dates?

For example, from 1/01/2010 to 5/02/2012 I want the slider colored in blue,

from 5/03/2012 to 9/01/2014 in red, from 9/02/2014 to 3/22/2016 in yellow, and so on. Any insights would be appreciated, thank you!


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Make the slider background transparent (on the Presentation tab) and then place colored text boxes underneath the slider object.

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Dear Jin,

Please find the attached example for solution.

Thanks & Regards

Prince Anand

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Hi guys thanks for your inputs, I'm looking something similar to below screenshot - here I've placed colored text boxes underneath the slider object but since there'll be new dates added to the calendar slider with new data loaded, I also need the sizes of the colored text boxes dynamic as well according to the dates (for example, blue for the last 20 days, pink for some other block of dates, and so on, which I think is nearly impossible with text box?)  Any thoughts? Thanks!