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Comparison of data in GAUGE

Hi all,

I need your help in development.I am asked to build a gauge which compares the data of the tickets and output should be in percentage.I attached an excel sheet to make it more clear.

IMP:When the STATUS is ASSIGNED, It can be ASSIGNEE filed with name and ASSIGNEE field with blank

Lets assume the comparison between 'A' and 'B'.

'A' should possess the following conditions in it:

1)Should take the tickets in consideration which are in Progress and Pending

2)The tickets in status 'ASSIGNED" having the name in "ASSIGNEE" field

3)The tickets in status "ASSIGNED" without any name in "ASSIGNEE" field less than 4 hours from Submit_DATE_Time to local time

                                          COMPARED TO

"B" should possess following

1)The ticket in status "ASSIGNED" without any name in "ASSIGNEE" field more than 4 hours from Submit_DATE_TIME to Local time.

These "A" and "B" must be compared.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hello Priya,

Always put query with specifying calculation and logic. As it not clear from the above details.

But As per my Obersvation it seems that you need to get percentage for Count of ticket which are differentiated by those conditions.

Count(if((Status='Assigned' or Status='Progress' or Status='In Pending') and Assignee<>'', and (Today()-Submit_Date_time)<4,Incident_Number))


Count(if(Status='Assigned' and Today()-Submit_Date_Time >4hrs and Assignee='', Incident_Number))


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